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Forms and Documents

CJBBA Promotions are held twice a year in summer and winter.  Promotion and clinic dates are announced in advance on the main news page and on Facebook.  

CJBBA members must belong and be in good standing for three years prior to the promotion date, as well as fulfilling all paperwork and technical requirements.

CJBBA has the authority to promote from Ikkyu (first degree brown belt) to Godan (fifth degree black belt).  Lower promotions are handled at the individual dojo level and higher need to be submitted to and approved by the national promotion committee.

Please see below for promotion forms and testing requirements.

USJF Promotion Form

USJF Background Check (required for black belt ranks 17yrs +)

USJF Promotional Handbook

CDC HeadsUp Concussion Training

SAFESPORT Certfication

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