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What are the benefits of becoming a member of CJBBA?

1. All members are eligible to participate at most judo events that require a valid judo card.

2. CJBBA/USJF members receive exclusive pricing to CJBBA-sponsored events.  You'll find that if you attend enough events, membership will pay for itself.

3. Once you've been a member for three or more years, you are eligible to grade under USJF promotion standards.

4. All members are welcome to attend bi-annual meetings.  Those holding a dan ranking are eligible to vote at our meetings.

How much is it to join?

A primary membership through USJF is $70 a year.   There are also short term options that start at $25 a month.  

If you already have a USA Judo membership, you may join USJF as a secondary membership for $35 a year.


Do I have to live in Chicago or Illinois?

Most of our events take place within Illinois and the surrounding states such as Wisconsin and Missouri.   If you live outside of that area, it will be more beneficial to you to find a USJF yudanshakai close to you.  We welcome everybody as a member.

How do I join CJBBA as an individual?

We are the local chapter of the United States Judo Federation, so if you do not have a USJF membership, that is the place to start. You can purchase your membership online:


What if my club is not a member of CJBBA?

If you have a relationship with a club that is a member of CJBBA, you can list them as your affiliation. Otherwise, there is an option to be listed as "At Large"

How does a judo club join CJBBA?

If you are a club that is interested in becoming a charter club of CJBBA, there are a few requirements.


1. The head instructor/club owner/sensei must be a member of CJBBA.

2. The head instructor must be a black belt with proof of certificate (through USJF, USA Judo, USJA or provide a validated certificate from their home country's judo federation)

3. The head instructor must provide a recent background check.

4. The head instructor must show completed certificates from SAFESPORT and CDC HeadsUp training.

5. Provide a completed Club Membership registration form. 

6. Club membership fee of $30 must be paid directly to the USJF head office (PO Box 338, Ontario, OR 97914).   Supporting documents may be mailed or emailed to

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