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What are the benefits of becoming a member of CJBBA?

Members of CJBBA are eligible for discounts on registration for CJBBA-supported local judo events, as well as (after three years of membership) the ability to apply and test for USJF rank promotions. 


Both non-black belts and black belts are more than welcome to attend our twice-yearly meetings, though you do have to hold a dan rank to vote and hold certain positions on the board.

How do I join CJBBA as an individual?

We are the local chapter of the United States Judo Federation, so if you do not have a USJF membership, that is the place to start. You can purchase your membership online:

USJF Online Membership Site

Or, if you prefer to mail in your form, all of the forms are available at the following link:

USJF Online Forms

There is also a form to change your yudanshakai or club available on that page if you are already a USJF member at another club.

What if my club is not a member of CJBBA?

If you have a relationship with a club that is a member of CJBBA, you can list them as your affiliation. Otherwise, there is an option to be listed as "At Large"

Do I have to live in Chicago or Illinois?

No, you can live anywhere and still be a CJBBA member.  

How does a judo club join CJBBA?

The Club Membership Form is available at the following link:

USJF Online Forms

You can mail the form directly to USJF with a check for $30 USD.  Please also drop us a line at cjbba@cjbba.org to let us know that you're interested in joining.

How much is it to join?

As of right now (Oct 2019), a primary yearly membership to USJF is $70 USD.  Secondary membership (for example, if you already have a membership with USA Judo or USJA) is $35/year.  

There is also an option for 1, 4, and 8 month memberships to USJF using the Short Term Membership Form. The 1 month starts at $25.