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What's New in Judo

As I write this, judo is in a state of complete disarray -- the mutual agreement between USA Judo, USJF and USJA has dissolved, and judokas across the country are left scratching their heads. A USJF member can no longer participate in a USA Judo sanction event... that is unless they waive their rights to insurance (USJF insurance will NOT cover them) or buy a new membership to USA Judo. Tournaments such as the Indiana State Judo Championships were forced to by private insurance to allow USJF/USJA members to compete (and frankly anyone for that matter). Will this help judo? Will this encourage all tournament directors to just forgo NGB insurance all together and go the private route? Who knows? It's everyone for themselves. A lot of finger pointing and blame is going in all directions.

The 2023 USJF Summer Nationals were just canceled because of the current problems in terms of insurance and attendance due to people not belonging to the right NGB. No solution could be found, so I guess all we can do is look forward to the 2024 USJF Summer Nationals in Tacoma, Washington.

Judo is such a niche sport -- and we're squabbling over scraps of a sport that barely anyone notices any more.

Since the "restart of judo", CJBBA has found itself with two inductees to the USJF Hall of Fame. Sensei Eiko Shepherd was inducted in 2021 and Sensei Douglas Tono was inducted in 2023. Congratulations to them and thank you for your contributions to judo.

CJBBA has put on very few events, but when we did, we managed to put two events on the same day. Tohkon Judo Academy hosted their annual kata clinic on President's Day Weekend. Sensei Shepherd was the star of the show as she went through the Randori No Kata with folks from Wisconsin and Illinois in attendance.

Kokushi Midwest Judo found a great reason to throw a party for their Grand Re-Opening and hosted the great Neil Adams, MBE and his wife (former Canadian Olympian) Niki Adams as they were on this side of the pond to record an episode of "Dark Side of The Ring" in Kentucky. Sensei Neil taught 2 separate sessions -- the first was geared towards the juniors where he went over ashi waza and turnovers. Then, for the seniors session, he taught taiotoshi (we spent the entire pandemic online doing taiotoshi on uchikomi bands, so it was amazing to see it in person), kouchi gari, and various newaza situations (Plan A, B and C). People from all over the midwest attended (5 states in attendance) -- Henry Hummel rented a plane and flew down from Wisconsin for this!! I am humbled for everyone's attendance and support.

The 2023 CJBBA Spring Promotions are being held on June 3 at Tohkon Judo Academy. Good luck to the candidates.

I'm looking forward to visiting Japan at the end of May -- we're intending on training with Michiro Omigawa and visiting the Kodokan!!

Thank you,

Grace Talusan

CJBBA President.

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