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The CJBBA is a nonprofit organization and a Yudanshakai under the United States Judo Federation (USJF).  

The USJF as an organization has a system similar to the Electoral College. Each Yudanshakai elects its delegates who represent their interests at the national meeting.


Today, the purpose of our Yudanshakai, however, is more operational and less geographical than it used to be. There are some parts of the country where two or more Yudanshakai operate in the same area and some Yudanshakai have clubs and members that are located far from their geographic location. The CJBBA represents its clubs and members of the national organization (USJF) and promotes the development of judo among its own members. 


So no matter how far away you are, we welcome you as a member of the CJBBA. Join CJBBA and let us help you grow grassroots Judo in your community!